Hours: Mon – Sat: 9:30 – 5:30, Sun: 11:00 – 4:00     Tel: 802-349-8803    16 Merchants Row, Middlebury, VT

Our story…

Sammy Barnes and Greg Alexander, proprietors

The mission of OTTER CREEK KITCHENWARE AND ELECTRONICS is to bring to Addison County a wide assortment of kitchenware with a sprinkling of specialty TV and home entertainment products not readily available in the area.

Co-owners Greg Alexander and Sammy Barnes chose to make downtown Middlebury home to their new venture after extensive market research as well as advice and counsel from many “wise and welcoming” leaders in the community convinced them that the best place and time was here and now.

For Greg, the decision to retire from public school teaching and enter this new venture came about, in part, as a result of his lifelong and somewhat expensive passion for his favorite hobby, buying kitchenware and cooking. “I spent many years working part time at many of the best kitchenware stores, just to support my habit”, admits Greg. “Kitchenware is an exciting business on so many levels. While there are many new products to review at trade shows, finding the ones that help cooks prepare the best offerings for the table can be challenging, but fun!”

For Sammy, the desire to transition from home technology consulting back to his retail operations roots had been developing for quite some time. “While large, big box retailers and .com businesses handle a huge number of customers, there is well established support for locally owned specialty stores, where owners can more closely identify and satisfy the needs of its customers.” Sammy began his post graduate career on the sales floor at Neiman Marcus, at a time when the company still had only four stores, all in Texas.

Why Middlebury? Let’s just say that when these two souls discovered, along with their cousins who also recently relocated from Dallas, the values and lifestyle that locals have nurtured for generations, they could not wait to get here. The cold and the snow may scare a lot of their “flatlander” friends and family away, but not these two. “We have adapted and we love it!” According to Sammy, “Cold and snow never kept me from the fun of skiing…I just dressed for it.

Greg and Sammy are also excited about participating in organizations aimed at serving the community in whatever ways they can. They have already joined the Middlebury Winds and are looking forward to playing in their next concert.